1) Information about the Users

We collect the user data in various ways, including through fill-in of the application upon
registration on the website. When the user gets registered on, he/she
provides us the information as follows:
- Name and last name;
- E-mail;
- Telephone number.
At that, we process other information provided in a voluntary manner by the user during
the order:
- Address;
- Information about the Credit card of the order-maker;
- Information about the full age of the user (for instance, in case of the spirits and/or
tobacco products);
- Other details about the order.
The user can any time edit his/her profile (account), correct the above-mentioned
personal information and change/update the account parameters.
At that, we automatically collect the following information about the device of the user
during his/her visit on
- Device and device ID, device IMEI;
- The IP address of the device;
- Information about the “Browse”;
- Type of the operational system
which is being archived with the data of the user’s account.
We also collect information about the use of our website:
- Order-related information;
- Production ordered by the user;
- Sections visited by the user;
- Date and time of visit on;
- Time spent by the user on

Collection, processing, and analysis of all hereof information/data serve for the
objectives as follows – improvement of the service standard, quality, and efficiency;
simplification of relationship with the users and satisfaction of their demands towards
our service. In this view, we use the general/common information instead of the
personal identification data such is the bank account.
2) Observation and analysis of engagement/activity of the user
In view to personalize our service for our users, as well as for the purpose of the
targeted use of the commercials and for the purpose of introduction of respective offers,
we use Cookies, Facebook Pixels, and other identification technologies.
Cookies are the small technical files to be sent to the computer upon our log-in to the
system. Temporary and permanent Cookies and other identification mechanisms are
used for the collection of information about use of our systems from the “Browser” of the
user or the device.
All these technologies allow us offering to our users the commercials based on their
interests, preventing fraud and analyzing the efficiency of our service and interest in our
3) Storing/sharing personal data
Inasmuch as delivery service is ensured by our partner company - the third party, in
view of uninterrupted and effective provision of hereof service, we shall ensure the
provision of the order-related information and respective personal data in full adherence
to the confidentiality principles stipulated under the legislation of Georgia.
In cases prescribed under the legislation of Georgia:
- In view of protection of public order, safety, human rights, and property rights;
- If requested by the law-enforcement or regulatory agencies and/or other public
- Secession, merging or sale of the company to the affiliated, existing and/or potential
partners holding and/or controlling the company.